the Scoop

If what they say is true, and variety really is the spice of life, then I suppose my journey through the industry over the past decade and a half has been more than a little zesty.  Having traversed the worlds of feature film, episodic & reality TV, and commercial production with equal aplomb, I’ve managed to develop a fairly well rounded sense of the industry…from development through delivery.

Being on set with the likes of De Niro, DeVito, Franco, and Ferrell can definitely be compelling, though I’ve always looked to maintain a more pragmatic approach to the business.  I try to be the metronome on set, focusing on the key tasks at hand rather than simply angling to ‘setwork’ my way to a better opportunity.  I started as a PA, worked my way in to Locations, and realized pretty quickly that a strong work ethic, a diplomatic management style, and a splash of good ol’ fashion common sense would serve me well enough to take me where I wanted to go.  I maintain a working knowledge and healthy respect for all of the below-the-line aspects of physical production, and this approach has always helped me get the most out of my crews.

Over the years, I’ve worked in a variety of staff, perma-lance, and freelance capacities for the likes of NBC Studios, HBO, Lionsgate, the History Channel, and TLC, to name a few.  I’ve field produced jobs in dozens of cities around the world, including New York, LA, Philly, London, San Fran, and Prague…heck, even Bismark, ND.  In short, I’ve been around the block a time or two.  And through these valuable industry opportunities, I’ve honed a well-balanced set of skills.

So if a battle tested production head, with a tactfully aggressive approach to project management, an innate sense of fiscal responsibility, and a deep digi-Rolodex is what you’ve found yourself in search of, chances are I’m solid match.