the CoOp

When I was first starting out in the business, as a green but eager PA, the collaborative nature of the production arena was a big draw.  And even though I realized early on that supporting creatives was more my destiny than creating art, I was OK with that. I was happy to leverage my skill sets where they served me best.  Ultimately, it was the fact that the industry was comprised of both creative problem-solvers and problem-solving creatives alike, working side by side to achieve a common goal, that proved to be the biggest attraction overall.

These days, with the industry in constant flux and fluidity, and technology changing the way end users view and appreciate the efforts of our trade, organization and other left-brain leverages are as important as ever.  Technological advancements also dramatically impact the way assets are captured at the genesis of a project, as well as the workflow of those assets moving forward.  It remains a highly co-operative field, and rightfully so.  Securing the balanced mix of elements needed for a project is essential…whether human, mechanical, technical, or structural.  That’s what effective producing and production management really boils down to, and for me, life in the production trenches, on the front lines of set or prepping to get there, is where it’s at.

The production industry is an effort in collusion, and assembling the right team of professional allies is an integral part of any project’s potential success and impact.  So whether your next creative undertaking needs a Producer, a manager, a soothsayer, a cat wrangler, or even a referee to mediate the inevitable dilemmas, a joint venture with Donnybrook Productions will make for an effective co-operative endeavor.  So let Donnybrook handle some of the heavy lifting, and free up a hand or two for the Crafty table.