I See Dead…Beats!


In a timely twist of fate, I’ve found myself surrounded recently by ghosts, severed fingers, petulant blobs, and even the occasional DeVito or two.  Originally slated to UPM the period feature ‘Treetop’, in the City of Brotherly Love, I instead returned to NYC to manage Hulu’s sophomore season of ‘Deadbeat’, for Lionsgate, when the aforementioned philm initiative fell through.

Teaming once again with fellow DGA conspirator Michael Chandler, who was also attached (as 1st AD) to the ill fated ‘Treetop’, this big apple run has been an entertaining ride.  I had binge watched Deadbeat’s pilot season once I learned of the opportunity, a luxury afforded me by hulu’s batch release strategy, and was invigorated by the strength of the final few episodes.  Starting on a strong note, and wisely upping the involvement of Lucy DeVito’s Sue, the second season picks up once again on the lonely shores of Brooklyn’s East River.  But to discover where things go from there, you’ll have to tune in to the Season Two launch in the Spring.

Tyler Labine kills it as Pac, a stoner medium that wages consistent psychic warfare with Cat Deeley’s buttoned up celebrity clairvoyant Camomile…yeah, like the tea.  I’d actually had the pleasure of meeting Tyler a year or so back, at a convention Q&A for ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’.  He’s proven to be as much fun to work with as I’d anticipated during that brief encounter, and is easy going and enjoyable whether on set or off.  The show’s creators, Brett Konner and Cody Heller (the writing duo behind FX’s ‘Wilfred’), are both as acerbic as one might assume, and a total blast to be around on a daily basis.

Hulu will launch Season Two on April 20…and if the date 4.20 doesn’t have any immediate recognition for you, then you’ve likely lead a tedious life on the straight and narrow.  No worries, someone had to clue me in too.


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