In a year that’s witnessed such professional escapades as holing up in a centuries old ‘Church’ to brave the winter, camping out with zero ‘Remorse’ on a vast colonial estate to enjoy the lazy days of summer, and setworking (oh yeah, it’s a thing) with such silver screen sirens as Ashley C. Williams, Lili Bordan, and Katrina Law, deciding on an encore is no easy feat.  But I suppose shipping out to the Potomac-panhandle town of Harpers Ferry, WV is as good a follow-up as any.

That’s where the karmic tides of Donnybrook Productions saw fit to take me for my latest production foray, to UPM the ‘World Wars’ mini-series for History Channel.  So I strapped the ol’ mountain bike to my truck, and in true Clampett-like fashion packed up a few production necessities and joined my friend and Producer colleague Brian David Cange & Co.  In this instance, the aforementioned ‘co’ is represented by PoC Adam Schoon, his trusty sidekick Trish McMiniment, the tireless AD tandem of Hall & McGarry, and Locations phenom John Galloway, all of whom represent long time collaborative partners in crime.

With a story line that spans both WWI & WWII, the production logistics have been challenging.  Jimmys, tanks, troop carriers, and the occasional horse chase sequence with Poncho Villa’s revolutionaries have ensured that the gig remains a whirlwind of production-centric merriment daily.  But being the workaholic type, and a glutton for productionment (I mean punishment), I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.  Being en’trenched’ in work has taken on a whole new meaning…bah duhmm bump!!

A few important shout outs are fully warranted here, since I have found fast allies in both Peacemaker National Training Center and the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles.  And the fine fella’s over at Sunbelt Rentals have been terrific as well.  All in all the project amassed a fantastic crew, and it’s been a lot of fun…and now I’ll have my own war stories to tell for many years to come, I’m sure!

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