Summer of ‘Remorse’

OK, so to recap the summer thus far, I’ve basically been hanging out on a 100+ acre farm in the middle of Doylestown, PA, from the 18th-Century.  My ‘office’ is a tool shed, that I think was roughly constructed circa 1720, give or take…with WiFi, naturally, though it’s likely that was an add-on along the way.  I’ve got a bunch of coworkers just across the gravel driveway, in a farm house that was once the estate of a colonial governor.  And my good buddy Crenshaw, Production Designer extraordinaire, is just a stone’s throw away (no pun intended) in his barn down the road.  AKA his ‘scenic shop’, of course.  If all of this sounds like I’m suffering from heat exhaustion, fear not!  While it is indeed mighty hot ’round these here parts, I’m actually on board as the UPM for the supernatural indie ‘Remorse’, currently calling the Penrose Estate in Horsham Twp it’s home…away from home.

The thriller, starring femme fatale Katrina Law (of ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Legend of the Seeker’ fame) and leading lady Lili Bordan (from TV’s ‘Battlestar Galactica’), has been snuggly nestled amongst the fields, flowers, and fowl in this perpetual landmark for its month long stint of principal photography.  Director Quinn Saunders, a veteran TV Director, and Film Professor at Cal State, fell in love with the site instantly, and decided it to be the perfect backdrop for this eerie feature film foray.  To be honest, I’m not a super fan of being here once the lights go dark, but would be remiss if I didn’t cop to the fact that the place makes a pretty perfect setting for a spooky movie.  Bring on the spirits…no, not THOSE spirits, the ones for the wrap party 😉


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