What About…’Blubs’?

Happy New Year, all!

So with a new year will come a new tradition, and a way to have a little fun at life’s expense. And, if I’m being completely honest, it will serve as a way to make updating this blog feel a little less daunting during those busier times when it’s tougher to make it a priority. After all, I know that the half dozen or so of you out there that stumbled on to this site get antsy when I haven’t updated for a while 😉

At any rate, I’ve always been one to take notice to the little oddities and laughable moments in life, so I thought I’d start to share some of those (woefully random, admittedly) images here. To that end, and to kick off the new year and help wind down the holiday season, here’s one that I stumbled upon while in a mall department store shopping for decorations last month…apparently, this particular store didn’t carry those pesky ‘blubs’! Hmmmmmm…….

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