Halloween ‘Darkness’

It’s just about this time each year that I grow a tad nostalgic, with Halloween just around the corner,  as I recall with fond memory the horror film ‘Of Darkness’ that I produced with my brother back in 2006.  The film was met with admirable success during its festival tour, screening at horror-con fav’s like the NYC Horror Film Festival and H.P. Lovecraft Festival, and later went on to secure distribution through FEARnet. I love a good horror flick anyway, so to have been a part of creating something that has endured in cult horror circles is great.

The film can be purchased on amazon, and is also available for instant download for just a few measly bucks.  But if you really want to immerse yourself into full-on ‘Darkness’, plunk down the cash for the DVD, and enjoy a bevy of goodies; like the far-too-serious behind the scenes snippet that I cut together.  Fond memories…

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