A ‘List’ Too Long…

OK, so granted I’m a bit of a newbie to the tumultuous terrain of the world’s freelance workforce, but (and, fingers crossed/knock on wood/insert cliche of choice here) thus far I’ve avoided the apparently all-too-common malady of being stiffed on an invoice.  And while I’m certain that my name does not exist in isolation on this more favorable of registers, another list is being generated this month to provide a collective voice for those that have indeed had a run-in or two with deadbeat clients.

On Thursday, the Freelancers Union (a self-professed ‘federation of the unaffiliated’) launched its “World’s Longest Invoice” campaign, in an effort to provide a platform for reform when it comes to the ability of freelance professionals to seek remedy if they get stiffed.  Now, mind you, this isn’t like skipping out on a bar tab, since at last tally this ‘tab’ had quickly accumulated to well over $8-Million.  That’s a lotta deadbeats!

This undertaking is a first in steps to propose new legislation next month, when the Freelancers Union will look to pitch lawmakers the Payment Protection Act. This bill would allow self-employed individuals to appeal to the Department of Labor for assistance in tracking down clients guilty of non-payment. The hope is to shed light on an epidemic that plagues many freelancers, and address the fact that more often than not the costs associated with legal support are too high, thus allowing clients (of the deadbeat variety) to simply refuse payment of open invoices.

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