I’ve recently been in contact with a group of indie filmmakers, in a largely consultative capacity, after a mutual film friend put us in touch.  Director/Producer Dwight Wilkins and Writer/Producer Joseph Ruggiero, the filmmaking duo behind A Rose on Ninth Street Productions, are currently in the developmental and fundraising stage for their feature film.  ‘Rose’ is a feature-length script, based on Ruggiero’s book of the same name, that focuses on an Italian-American family in South Philly.  And while the book is a period piece, set squarely in the Italian Market in the 1950’s, the script is a contemporary take on the same plot.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a fundraising event that the filmmakers held this week, at Cesare’s in Bristol, and it was encouraging to see that level of passion and commitment to a project.  It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a dedicated group of filmmakers, caught full-tilt in the midst of kick starting a passion project.  I wish Joe and Dwight all the best as they continue to bring “A Rose on Ninth Street” to life, and hope to be a more active part of the project as it moves forward into development.


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