While the wheels of progress for any indie film in development are tough to keep in motion, it’s highly likely that most indie-filmmakers would list the fundraising campaign portion as the most arduous.  The entire process of bringing an indie film to life is unquestionably and uphill battle, but perhaps nowhere along the way does the incline feel quite as steep as securing funding.

Unfortunately, easy or not the process of fiscal hide & seek is the most integral part of the journey, and the notion of funding a film through private equity is what truly defines a project as an independent.  Having said that, and outside of hypnosis, there are no shortcuts to finding the funds.  A project’s chances of finding money are directly commensurate with that of its fundraising plan, and only the strongest of fundraising packets are able to succeed in these stingy economic times.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I’m looking forward to working with the production team behind “Sufferance” in helping them to develop a sound (and hopefully convincing) financing game plan.  From there, Producers Gary E. Irwin, Jason Contino, and Courtney Custer will begin pounding the pavement in search of philanthropic support.  Plans for moving the indie-horror film into full-speed development and pre-pro are being slated for spring of 2012.

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