Over the years I’ve taken to including a variety of daily sponsors for call sheets I’ve developed for my many shoots.  At first, it was a ‘beg, borrow, steal’ approach that followed in the footsteps of my brother Gary when it came to listing a “song of the day”.  Moving forward, and always having harbored a love for words as much as music, I opted instead for the inclusion of a “word of the day” in an effort to expand the vocabulary of the crews I put together…they were eternally grateful, I’m sure!  No wonder there are a slew of eloquent set technicians running around the streets of Philly these days.

Now, with my looming involvement in this summer’s Philly-based indie “Backwards”, I’m thinking of shaking things up again with the notion of a “hat of the day” approach.  My goal will be to show off a variety of what has come to be a staple of my daily attire…the ever-popular baseball cap!  While I’ve never actually taken the time to count all of the hats I’ve accrued over the years, I’m willing to bet I’ve got at least enough to cover the film’s planned 21-day shooting schedule.  In fact, it’s likely I could make it to the project’s halfway point on a steady diet of Phillies caps alone.  It will be interesting to see how deep into the ol’ closet I’ve gotta reach in order to go the distance, as some of the hats in question haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time.  Hopefully there’s nothing stuffed back there that would be too embarrassing, as I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten rid of those Sesame Street hats from my younger days…here’s hoping, anyway!

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