OK, so yes it’s still a week prior to June and I’m already running the central air full tilt, but fortunately the weather isn’t the only thing in the Greater Philly region that’s heating up these days…the indie film scene here in the CoBL is also on a hot streak as of late.  In addition to the lauded success of Sean Kirkpatrick’s “Cost of a Soul”, here are a few add’l Philmmakers worthy of a shoutout…

Ben Hickernell’s film “Lebanon, PA” has been met with critical, festival, and now distribution success, after premiering at last years SXSW Film Festival.  Ben, along with fellow producing partner Jason Contino, opened to multiple sold out screenings last month as well, right here in Philly at the Ritz @ The Bourse, and rumor has it that ‘Lebanon’ has also secured add’l distribution as well, but more on that in the weeks & months to come.  And, speaking of news to come in the world of Director Ben Hickernell, there may be other big news in the not-too-distant future…stay tuned for updates possibly as soon as next week.

Another local indie-filmmaker enjoying well-deserved praise for her efforts is Jenny Deller of “Future Weather” fame.  Jenny has been selected recently as one of 10 up & coming Directors to watch out for by “Independent Magazine”.  All good things for Philly Philm, and all good praise for local homegrown indie filmmakers!

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