I’m excited to say that the prep work for “Sufferance”, Eventide Production’s follow-up to the 2007 horror short “Of Darkness”, has been going extremely well thus far.  I’ve met up with Director Gary Irwin & Producer Jason Contino on several occasions, and things are moving along nicely.  It will be nice to take a trip down horror lane again, as the genre was very friendly and receptive to ‘OD’.  The short witnessed an impressive amount of success at horror fest’s nationwide, and ended up with a distribution deal through FEARnet…not bad for a modestly budgeted short film.

“Sufferance” falls into the ever popular ‘infection film’ genre, but with a very unique take…it’s a solid script, and I’m eager for the journey of bringing it to the big screen to continue to ramp up in the months to come. has their own distinctive list of films that fall in to this genre, so check it out if you’re a fan.  It will be fun to see “Sufferance” on this and other lists someday…fans of this genre are rabid (no pun intended), so appealing to these masses will be a worthy & rewarding challenge!

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