Flu (FOMO) Season

Let’s face it…for the past year or two, it’s felt like we’ve all been living in the upside down! And with COVID hogging the spotlight, it’s easy for the average influenza to get relegated to the shadows. So when faced with the task of driving flu shot awareness, the Ad Council turned the whole Fear-Of-Missing-Out dilemma on its ear.

Teaming with multicultural agency fluent360, and the Conshohocken-based Bowstring Studios, the Ad Council added the FluFOMO campaign to its creative inventory. I was on board as Production Manager for all of the principal photography components of the job, and collaborating with Bowstring was a joy. Director/DP Enrique Mendoza, the head of the Bowstring machine, was efficient and capable while helming the days. He was joined by Andy Hayman for additional creative collusion, and the entire team was great. The positive culture extended to our set, and made for enjoyably productive days. Our crew, talent, and agency partners all walked away pleased, a rare but well-received win/win (win).

Here’s a link to one of several spots we filmed over multiple days.

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