A Life Aquatic


There are always certain clients that you make an extra special effort to accommodate, and enjoy working with.  For me, Michael DelPolito, the Creative Producer at StayWell in Yardley, PA is high on that list.  So when Del came to me with the need to pull together a PSA, focusing on Water Safety & Awareness for the American Red Cross, I jumped at the chance to add to our growing list of successful collaborations to date.  After all, I just couldn’t let things remain this woefully outdated!  And while competing production commitments made it impossible for me to travel to Texas, to Field Produce the project, I assured him that Donnybrook could handle all of the prep & coordination logistics nonetheless.

In what’s becoming less of an anomaly, and more the status quo in general of late, the scheduling restraints and demanding location logistics made for an ambitious undertaking.  But by leveraging the well respected Red Cross brand, we were able to secure the complete cooperation of Sea World San Antonio, and maintain the project’s inherently quick turn around.

Sea World was great, and the week long shoot simply would not have come together without their tenacious support.  Equally integral in the project’s success was Entourage Modeling and Talent Agency, where Cindy and her team of casting professionals kept composure while filling all principal and background roles with equal spirit.  Del and I were also happy to enlist MP&E’s services once again, for all essential grippage and grunts…this time, taking advantage of their convenient Austin-based locale.  In the end, Donnybrook managed to help Del keep his head above water…minor sunburn not withstanding.

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