Water 4 the Future

I’ve always felt that what I was lucky enough to do for a living was pretty unique, and kinda cool to boot. But recently, while exploring (uhh, I mean scouting of course) a network of tunnels underneath of Central Park in NYC, it really clicked. Since last month, I’ve been teaming once again with Director Josh Mawer and agency client Jamestown Associates to develop a PSA for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. The PSA campaign will bring awareness to the ‘Water for the Future’ initiative that the DEP is undertaking, to reinforce the water supply to sections of the outer boroughs in Brooklyn and Queens, and ensure that the City of NY will enjoy fresh tap water for many more generations to come.

The water supply system in NY is one of the most extensive in the world, but with the help of geography (and more than a little gravity), it’s treatment efforts are actually one of the simplest. But they are long standing, and in need of reinforcement, reinvention, and repair. To that end, the DEP is launching the ‘Water For the Future’ campaign, which will help residents understand the efforts that are being undertaken on their behalf.

The project has not only been a chance to collaborate once again with Josh, and JA, but has also led to newfound creative relationships with Erica Palgon Casting, in New York, as well as a plethora of new on screen talent including Jodi Applegate. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed working with my new post production friends at Buttons NY. Nevertheless, the little kid in me has enjoyed the cable car rides to Roosevelt Island and the exploratory efforts of the real ‘underground NY’ most of all. Plus, I’ve always wanted to scale those crazy acorn towers in Greenpoint…mission accomplished!

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