An Ongoing Effort…

One of the more satisfying production assignments I’ve had, just over a year ago now, was producing a PSA for the ‘Sounds of Pertusis’ campaign.  It was an amazing opportunity, as I was able to work with a true sports legend in NASCAR champion (and, more importantly, father & Pertusis awareness activist) Jeff Gordon.  Jeff and his wife, model Ingrid Vandeboch, have two kids, and being parents has raised their own awareness to this frightening and debilitating epidemic among young children. They’ve since taken up the crusade against Pertusis, and hold this cause very near and dear to their hearts.

As a father myself, I can respect the fear and anxiety that comes with a sick child…even a minor illness can make a parent feel helpless, since it’s an inherent desire to want to do all we can to protect our kids. I was happy to stumble upon recent news on Jeff’s continued efforts, and reflecting back I’m immensely proud to have been even a small part in this ongoing movement.

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