Production In Paradise

A recent move has landed me in-house for a stint with the politico-powerhouse Jamestown Associates, a consulting firm based in Princeton. And while I usually benefit from a bit of a ramp up, there’s also something to be said for the time honored tradition of trial by fire.  The embers are still glowing bright red, but I’m starting to settle in to a bit more of a groove since hitting the ground running last month.

Already in the still-early days of this run, I’ve assembled shoots in South Carolina, New York, Philly, and Hawaii.  The later would appear to be the first in what is likely to become a bi-monthly production routine in the Aloha State over the next two quarters or so…& I’m loving a few local island vendors already.  Sight and Sound Studios has been fantastic in a pinch, which is where I’ve been finding myself on most of these shoots, and seems to find just about every piece of gear I’ve needed to pull together.  And Terry over @ Pacific Prompters seems to be running a pretty healthy monopoly on teleprompters on the islands…good for you Terry (& thanks for the assist).

All in all, once you get past the inevitable rub of island hopping logistics, Hawaii ends up being a pretty nice place to film.  And as it turns out, it’s rather picturesque there as well…who knew!  Mahalo.

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