Tom’s 2-Cents

In honor of Irish-induced celebratory efforts this month, here’s a short list of witticisms courtesy of the Coen Brother’s penned  “Miller Crossing” protagonist Tom Reagan…played by the Irish Isle’s very own Gabriel Byrne in one of my favorite roles of his:

“Tell Leo he’s not God on the throne, he’s just a cheap political boss with more hair tonic than brains.”

“All in all not a bad guy – if looks, brains, and personality don’t count.”

“If I’d known we were gonna cast our feelings into words, Id’ve memorized the Song of Solomon.”

“Sister, when I’ve raised hell, you’ll know it!”

“Is there a point…or are you just brushin’ up on your small talk?”

“You don’t hold elected office in this town. You run it because people think you do. They stop thinking it you stop running it.”

“My chin’s hanging out right next to yours. I’d worry a lot less if I thought you were worrying enough.”

“You can’t hijack me, Tic-tac, we’re on the same side now. Or didn’t you get that far in school?”

“Nobody knows anybody, not that well…”

– Tom Reagan, “Millers Crossing”; 1990

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