New Year…New Look

As of 2012, the Greater Philadelphia Film Office will be undergoing a pretty extensive overhaul, not only to it’s staple website, but also to its professional listing service.  The GPFO will discontinue publishing their film guide, and will instead be transferring over all listings to a digital service.

The film office’s website has always added the amenity of a digital listing to anyone filing for a space/ad/listing in their annually published film guide.  But as of this year, the office will do away completely with the hard copy version of their guide, and instead rely solely on the website & digital listing.  Primary markets the likes of New York & L.A. have been moving in this direction as well, and secondary arenas such as Chicago, DC, Dallas, and North Carolina have adopted similar mindsets.

It will be interesting to see how smoothly the transition goes, and whether local crew, vendors, and production facilities offer push back or embrace the tech advances with open arms.  Regardless of the reaction, it’s my hope that the Philly Philm Market witnesses a surge in production activity this coming year, after sub par offerings over the past two years.  After all, someone needs to steal some of that tax incentive money back from neighboring Pittsburgh.  Here’s hoping that the production activity warms this coming spring in tandem with the weather.

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