Turkey-Infused Film Fare

It seems like each and every year we’re inundated with holiday centric films for a plethora of seasons.  Halloween and Christmas are two of the most notable by far, but for some reason there’s typically little by way of cinematic celebrations in honor of Thanksgiving!  While we’ve got a pigskin classic or two, and the fanfare that goes along with the Macy’s T-Day Parade extravaganza, there are seldom films released that set the specific likes of ‘Turkey Day’ in their crosshairs.  With that in mind, it’s worth celebrating two classics that have stood the test of time.

“Home For The Holidays”; (1995) – With fun performances from Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr, this comedic examination of family hits ‘home’ on a variety of cords.  Relatable to anyone who’s ever dreaded a visit with relatives, this film is worthy of an annual review in honor of an under-rated holiday.  Notable support from the likes of Dylan McDermott & Claire Danes help round out the effort.

“Pieces of April”; (2003) – On the opposite end of the budgetary spectrum (from the studio-driven ‘Holidays’), this indie darling stars Katie Holmes in one of her best roles.  In a pre-Mrs. Tom Cruise effort, Holmes delivers a cutting performance as a 20-something New Yorker hell bent on hosting a self-sustained Thanksgiving for her dysfunctional family.  A tad darker than the aforementioned “Home for the Holidays”, ‘Pieces’ still delivers a brutally honest homage to this under-appreciated holiday.

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