I’d certainly never profess to be the world’s foremost authority on podcasts, or anything cyber-induced for that matter.  I’m one of those late bloomers who’s only recently (in the past few years or so) thrown his respective hat into the ring that is the ‘blogosphere’ of modern technology.  I am, however, capable of discerning what’s interesting and worthy of attention…at least I think so, anyway.  It’s that reserved palette for all things pop-culture that has me tuning in to the weekly “Doomed to be Awesome” podcast.

If there’s any truth to the old adage that ‘two heads are better than one’, then imagine the destructive power that could be wielded by four heads.  Such is the case where D2BA’s founding fathers team of Gary Irwin, Matt Casale, Brendan O’Brien, and Dom Fera are concerned.  Armed with ‘phones’ of the micro & cell varieties, these gent’s engage in a weekly conversation about…well, pretty much anything entertainment-infused.  Film, television, music, photography, fine arts, and all things viral are equal fodder for discussion.  And rather than relegate themselves to the depths of irreverence, this quartet opts instead for the higher road.  As a result, the podcasts and associated website have attracted fans of all shapes of sizes…and things are just getting started.

So go ahead and gather your family members, pull the roast from the oven, and set your url in the direction of the family-friendly fare that is “Doomed to be Awesome“…there’s plenty of ‘awesome’ to go around!

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