There’s something to be said for a gig that solidifies nearly two straight months of steady work…long live feature film opp’s!  However, I’m finding a number of fringe benefits to my current run as the UPM on “Backwards”, in addition to the welcomed financial stability.  Chief among those benefits has been a privileged glance behind the curtain of Philly’s very own Boathouse Row.

With more than a week’s worth of production along Kelly Drive, and pit stops at the Waterworks and Philadelphia Art Museum, we’ve set up camp in Vesper Boat Club…one of the more prominent rowing clubs along the waterfront stretch that is Boathouse Row.  Surrounded daily by more than a century’s worth of history, it’s been a humbling experience to say the least.  And the funny thing is, I’m one (of many, I’m sure) that’s come to take this world-famous strip of Philly real estate for granted.  I’ve driven, peddled, and even strolled past these houses countless times over the years, all the while largely oblivious to the daily goings on taking place on their docks.  It’s been fun to gain such all access status to such a historic location, and i’ll never look at this section of the Schuylkill the same way again.

In fairness, working for weeks on end with the talented crew and cast has been a noteworthy fringe benefit as well.  Director Ben Hickernell and I have been pals for years, so working with him was bound to be fun.  The film does, however, mark my first teaming with Line Producer Brian David Cange, and only my second with 1st AD Michael DelPolito…both of whom I look forward to subsequent collaborations with for sure.

With wrap looming ever closer, it will be equal parts refreshing to get some much needed R&R, yet a bit of a bummer to part ways with the crew…bittersweet.

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