Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been immersed, at varied times throughout the year, in the development of the indie horror-feature “Sufferance” that I’m Line Producing.  Or perhaps it’s just because I’m a sucker for a well done (and well marketed) horror/thriller infused project.  Either way, a few of Fall TV’s looming lineups have me kind of excited.  In somewhat strategic order, here are a few of the shows I’m most ‘tuned’ in to:

(1) The Walking Dead; Sunday’s @ 10p on AMC – If the sophomore season of this show is anything like the first, then starting October 16 I know exactly where my buttocks will be squarely planted on Sunday nights.  The series is based on the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, and AMC has done as much justice to this show as they’ve been able to do for pretty much everything they lay their hands on.

(2) American Horror Story; Wednesday’s @ 10p on FX – Knowing full well that I suffer from a morbid sense of what constitutes cool, I’m happy to admit that this show’s creepy viral campaign has me chomping at the bit for October 5 to arrive.  In addition to being disturbingly cool, however, the teasers do little to spoil much of anything where the show’s particular plot line(s) are concerned…it’s equal parts refreshing and curiosity inspiring.

(3) Dexter; Sunday’s @ 9p on Showtime – Not to be a subscriber-based TV snob or anything, but let’s face it…cable is just kicking Network TV’s heiny all over the place!  Dexter, the series based on the collection of novels by Jeff Lindsay,  kicks off it’s sixth season on October 2…and rumor has it that this time, ” all hell breaks loose”.  Oh goody!

Now, to show that I’m a good sport (and not a TOTAL cable-centric elitist), here’s a matching top-3 list of Network based shows that I’m willing to offer a fair shot at impressing me:

(1) – Terra Nova; Monday’s @ 8p on FOX – While the 8pm time slot (on FOX, no less) is enough to invoke at least mild trepidation, the fact that Steven Spielberg is involved offset those concerns with at least a glimmer of hope…enough to sucker me in for the premiere on September 26 anyway.  It will have to be a better crafted show than Mr Spielberg’s disappointing “Falling Skies”, however, if it intends to keep me coming back for more.

(2) – Once Upon a Time; Sunday’s @ 8p on ABC – I think it’s the fact that this show’s trailers have my wife and I equally intrigued that’s encouraged me to bump it into the ranks of this list.  After all, it constitutes the first time in a great long while (arguably, since ABC’s former hit LOST) that we’ll potentially agree on a series.  As a result, we’ll both be destined for the couch on October 23.

(3) – Grimm; Friday’s @ 9p on NBC – Supporting evidence that this show is doomed from the get go (Friday as a time slot and NBC as the network) be damned…I still find myself really (really) pulling for this one.  And if the October 21 premiere does anything to facilitate my hopes, I can always DVR it and watch it on a different night of the week for principles sake.

So there ya have it, a mixed bag of sure-fire crowd pleasers and hopeful contenders.  Combined with AMC’s “The Killing” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (both apparently relegated to 2012 scheduled returns), there’s bound to be something here for everyone with a penchant for darker material…at least enough to get us through the chilly winter months anyway.


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