So I’ve admittedly been struggling to find the time to update lately, or much of any free-time at all for that matter.  As mentioned recently, I’ve jumped on board as the UPM for the indie feature “Backwards”, and the 70+ hour work weeks have a way of impeding things.  Nevertheless, I did want to carve out time to bring attention to a group of philmmakers well worthy of mention.

Currently, in tandem with the filming of “Backwards”, a group of dedicated indie filmmakers are in the midst of production on the horror film “Alpha Girls”.  I know a number of the crew members personally, and have the utmost respect for what these fellas (and ladies) are putting together.  I would strongly suggest to anyone of you out there who support Philly-based indie film production to visit the film’s Kickstarter page and make a contribution…no matter how modest.  After all, in a world where budgets are micro-cosmic, every penny helps!

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