For those of you that like angry Irish music (or friendly Irish music), feel free to pay a visit to the official Donnybrook Productions station on Pandora.  If you do a quick search for “Donny Brook”, you should find it with relative ease.  The initial framework for this station is based solely on my own selfish acoustic preferences and/or rudimentary research…any omissions are inadvertent and can be blamed on my haste to get the station up & running.  Anyone looking to offer thoughts on possible additions/subtractions can do so by dropping me a line at, the catchall for feedback.

As it stands now, a visit to the station will offer up the Gaelic harmonies of such acts as “Thin Lizzy”, “The Thrills”, “My Bloody Valentine”, “Virgin Prunes”, & “The Dubliners”…just to name a few.  And if these mainstream bands don’t tickle your fancy, you’ll also be able to tune in to a lesser known group that hail from the Emerald Isle as well…they go by U2, & you may have heard of them (perhaps on college radio or the likes)!

At any rate enjoy…& if you do manage to drop by be sure and let me know what you think.  I’d love for the station to have a sampling of melodic DNA from folks besides myself.

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