Opening today to a nationwide audience, local indie darling  “Cost of a Soul” will benefit from the largest theatrical opening ever for a film of its budget range!  Pretty impressive stuff, and great for the CoBL’s indie film scene.  Sean Kirkpatrick’s gritty drama was a festival favorite at last month’s Cinefest, where it was awarded the Audience Award for Best Feature Film.  Shot locally right here in Philly, and produced by longtime Phila-freelancer Edward J. Eberwine III, ‘Cost’  represents the collaborative efforts of some of Philadelphia’s best freelance crew folk.  It was a labor of love, and shot for an impressively low budget, given it’s success thus far.

The film is being released by Relativity Media and Rogue Pictures in a variety of AMC theaters in the country.  It will be a standard indie-minded platform release, so a lot will be riding on the film’s opening week success.  Buzz for the film has been building, and an interview with Director Kirkpatrick as well as some of the film’s key talent can be found here.  So get out there and support local indie filmmakers…and while you’re at it, you can friend the film on facebook as well.  The more support the better!

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