An interesting little tidbit, which some of you may know, but the Philadelphia Phillies are quite the sustaining club.  Established in 1883, the Fightin’s are the oldest, continuous one-name/one-city franchise in all of professional sports…now that’s quite an impressive claim.  And like their MLB namesake, the CoBL has a similar work ethic, and strives to adhere to a matched sense of continuity.

A recent example of this is a small victory for the City’s filmmaker community, which benefited by the renewal of the ever-so-helpful Film Tax Credit for at least one more year.  This was in large part due to the constant lobbying efforts of the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PaFIA).  The Association has worked tirelessly over the past 18+ months to be a unified voice for the Film & Video Production Industry in PA.  And while the victory was no doubt an impressive milestone, PaFIA’s efforts are a constant uphill struggle as they work to impact policy making in Harrisburg on the film community’s behalf.  To help in the effort, you can think about an annual membership…by doing so, you will become a part of the collective effort.  The Association has set the goal of reaching 1500 members this year, and currently sit at roughly the 65% mark, so help push them over the edge and join the effort today!

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