Perhaps it’s just been my singular experience, but I’ve always found the production world to be a bit of a fracas…for one reason or another.  Whether figuratively, in terms of competing egos or temperaments, or on one of those really interesting set days in the literal sense.  Either way, when it came time to brand a moniker for my freelance adventures, Donnybrook had been kicking around in my head for a while already and just sorta stuck.   Branding a DBA is tricky business, and only time will tell if the name puts up as much of a fight for itself as the Irish hood it’s derived from…but nevertheless it’s where I landed with it all.

The genesis of the term can be traced back to an annual fair in Donnybrook (a borough in Dublin, Ireland) that ran from the 1300’s until the 1850’s (where competing legend has it things became a tad too fist-to-cuffy to continue).  It’s also become a slang term for a brawl, and there was something uniquely classic and nostalgic about it.  In all of this, my own Irish heritage gets a bit of a shout-out as well…plus, I’m able to exploit my wrangling abilities in the production arena.  Whether it’s the subtle art of Director and/or client wrangling, the often-unsung virtues of talent & agency moderation, or the cunning ability to match a fiscally appropriate rate to a member of my deep freelancer Rolodex, gearing up for and managing a production can quickly start to take on a multitude of brawl-like aspects.  For those trying times, it’s good to have a seasoned and well battle tested Producer/LP/UPM brain in your corner.

For me, it’s the true nuts & bolts aspects of this business that keeps things exciting.  I’m a born & bred blue-collar guy, whose solid work ethic is ingrained into every fiber of my being, so long meal-less days and sleepless nights are par for the course.  With a baseball cap-wielding noggin full of tech & production savvy working in my favor, a laptop full of software & contacts around my shoulder, and a lanyard tethered pen dangling from my neck, I’m ready to jump in my portable office and wage production war in defense of your creative endeavor.  The office alluded to is a 2008 Ford Escape, btw, complete with production 4WD and all other mobile tech necessities deemed essential by the 21st Century…and it affords me the luxury of working as a local to wherever I need to be local to.

So if a feisty Irish production-head sounds like an asset to your next project, give me a shout…my portable office and I will come to you!

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