A Holiday ‘Favorite’


Over the past few years, I’ve taken to posting a bit of holiday-infused eggblog around this time.  Typically, the posts are sponsored by a scene from a favorite Christmas comedy, and offer a fleeting burst of pop culture to wrap up the annual goings-on.  This year however, I thought I’d take a moment to blast a quick shout-out from a project I collaborated on for Build-a-Bear Workshop, in place of the usual comedic shenanigans.

I had the opportunity to Production Super BABW’s holiday campaign a few months back, and to make it extra special my wife and son were able to come out and participate as well.  They served as background for one of the spots…though you’d have to squint pretty hard to find them in the final cut.  The job shot over the course of a week at the Christiana Mall in Delaware, and was produced by Detour Films out of Santa Monica.  Director Jerry Brown was amazing to work with, and I’m that much more grateful to him for leaving such a lasting life experience for my 6-year old, Chase, who can be hard to entertain.

A big thanks to the mall, our cast and crew, and the fine folks at Delaware’s Labor Law Office, for their speedy turnaround on a mountain of minor work permits at the 11th-hour.  Here’s the ‘Favorite Things’ ad that has been airing of late, just in time for the holidays.


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